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Evelyn LeVasseur is a sought after transformational speaker, nutrition and mindset coach, and personal trainer. She's been featured on a number of Podcasts, spoken at several conferences, and been a guest speaker at many virtual summits. If you'd like to contact her for serious inquiries or guest appearances, contact her here: 


Evelyn has been heard on a multitude of podcasts from topics ranging from diet myths, balancing motherhood and business to entrepreneurship. Interested in hearing more? Listen below

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Visualize Your Success Summit

Evelyn was invited to speak at the ” Visualize Your Success Summit,” where she discussed mindset and gave the audience breakthrough strategies to achieve their fitness and dreams.

I'm on a mission to help busy moms everywhere ditch their diets and realize that they deserve to feel worthy right now, not when they reach their goal.

“I am enough. I always was. I just didn't know it” - Evelyn LeVasseur

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