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I Don’t Think You Even Really Want to Lose Weight…

Hear me out….

How many times have you tried some new diet and failed at keeping the weight off?

How many times have you felt worse after finishing the diet than you did before you even started?

How much time have you spent comparing yourself to other “success stories” and wondering why you can’t just do the damn thing?

How many meals have you skipped or deprived yourself of in the name of losing weight?

It’s too much! It’s too freaking hard! And it doesn’t have to be….

I don’t believe losing weight is what you’re really after anyway. If you removed the idea of the number on the scale, then what is it you really want? What feeling are you chasing?

What does losing weight actually represent to you?

Because at the end of the day, the number on your scale doesn’t define you. It doesn’t make you feel good. You have to figure out the feeling you’re after, rather than the number.

Think about it, if you lost the weight you’ve been trying to lose, what would be different? What would you feel? How would life in general change for you? Write that shit down. And look at it, again and again. That’s what you’re after! That’s what you really want!

When people tell me they want to lose weight, I immediately ask them what that means for them. Almost always, the response has nothing to do with the number, they’re actually looking for a feeling.

They want to feel confident and comfortable.

They want to have energy and be able to keep up with their kids.

They want to feel attractive. They want to stop feeling overwhelmed and sad.

They want to feel in control of their bodies, their lives.

And they tend to believe the answer starts with the scale.

Listen closely, you have to change your thoughts in order to change your body!!! Every time you start to focus on losing pounds, stop yourself. Think about what you’d gain instead: clarity, confidence, pride, gratitude, relief, self-love, and maybe some badass muscle.

It’s much easier to move forward and make better choices when you change the conversation you have with yourself.

Instead of saying “I want to lose weight because I’m fat”, say “I want to make better food choices because I deserve to feel healthy”.

Instead of saying “I need to lose 20 lbs, now”, say “I want to feel strong and confident in my clothes, so I’m going to try a new workout”.

Small steps, small goals, big wins.

Leave the diets alone.

Focus on what it is you really want. Start making small changes from there.

It’s the only way to feel accomplished and make it last. And don’t forget to enjoy the process.

What good is changing your life if you can’t have fun while you do it?

Besides, coffee, wine, and chocolate still deserve some love. You’ll thank me later 😊

Keep it burnin,

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