How to Create New Years Resolutions that Don’t Suck

New Year, new you?

I hate that phrase, lol. But, wouldn’t it be cool if we could all just reset ourselves at the beginning of the year?

Past habits erased.

Goals met.

Just like that, snap, and we’re ready for success?

It doesn’t work like that though, does it? The problem is we get it in our heads that we need to be “new”. As if the old version of ourselves is not enough.

I love that a new year provides us with new opportunities. It allows us to look toward the future with excitement. But…. I’d argue that we should look at every day like that.

Shouldn’t we see each day as an opportunity to right our wrongs, to learn from our mistakes, to do better? Shouldn’t we open our eyes every morning and focus on how grateful we feel for the life in front of us?

No one makes commercials about that (eye roll, lol).

New Year, Same Shitty Diet Ads

In January, we get bombarded with messages about reinventing ourselves, and we get flooded with new “diet” programs.

All the false promises to get you the body you’ve been after. As if having a different body is what brings happiness.

And this time….. it’s really going to happen!


Um, didn’t you promise me that last year? When you told me how your program would be life-changing and I’d finally be happy in my skin?

If last year’s diets failed, why would this year’s will be any different?

A diet is a diet is a diet. What needs to change this year is your mindset. You don’t need a diet. You don’t need a new you.

You need to love yourself right now.

Or you’ll never love the future (even when you reach your goals).

A Real Resolution

Do you want to make a resolution to yourself?

Start with gratitude. Be thankful for your body. Your strength. Your resilience. Be appreciative for the fact that it carries you every day. And start to treat it with the respect it deserves.

Start drinking more water. Then start eating more fruit and veggies. Then start moving more. Make your changes slowly, so that they can also be lasting.

No fads.

No deprivation.

No self-loathing.

You really want to change your body? Start by changing your thoughts. Give yourself respect. Appreciation. Love.

Goals That Don’t Suck

Make your goals about who you want to be, not what you want to look like. Screw those weight loss commercials. Screw those strict programs that make you feel like you suck at using willpower. You don’t suck. Their program sucks.

You’re already amazing!

You’re worth the energy, the effort. And you’re here! You woke up and have options. Not everyone is granted that opportunity. Take it for the blessing it is and vow to make choices for the love of your body.

The change will come!

New year. Same beautiful you. Different mindset. More self-love.

Real, lasting body change. That’s the goal! 😉


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