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How Fad Diets Bank on Your Failure

So many of us have fallen victim to the dieting scams: lose weight fast, drink this shake and lose weight, take these pills and see the weight fall off, try this detox and watch your body shrink.

Damn that shit sounds tempting! Of course, I want to lose weight fast. Of course, I want a quick fix.

Waiting is boring, and it’s hard work, and I want shit to happen right now. But the truth is if all their magic and miracles worked, then we’d be a much healthier nation. We’d all be at our goal weight feeling healthy AF. Right?


If I could drink a magic shake and continue to live my life and be totally healthy, then I would. Obviously.

However, it just doesn’t work that way. Change takes time. And what people need to know more than anything is that changing your body has much less to do with food than you believe.

Over eating, over training, or even under eating and under training have much more to do with mindset misconceptions, than then actual food you put in your mouth.

You can be given all the “tools” you need, but if you don’t learn how to implement them, how to change your habits, how to unlearn the misinformation you’ve been fed, then those tools become irrelevant.

It's more important to know why you eat a certain way than to know what food is best to eat. It’s more important to focus on the inner work than it is to focus on the exterior result.



So, while some of these companies can deliver on their promises: losing weight quickly, for example, they can’t deliver on promising longevity.

They can’t deliver on helping you maintain your weight loss, free of their products.

They need you to fail, to have to start over, because that’s how they make money.

They need you to need them, so they promise, and you try again, and they promise again.

And the cycle continues.

We’ll talk much more about this in the Mindset Rehab portion of my Summer Kickstart Challenge, starting May 19th.

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