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How to Reframe Your Mindset in 2019 to Hit Your Fitness Goals

Every new year we make resolutions to change, to do better, to workout more, to finally lose those pounds.  And every year we start off determined, and finish feeling defeated.

We promise ourselves that we’ll finally stick to that diet.  We’ll get to the gym three days a week. We’ll make it happen, no matter what.

Then life kicks in, schedules get busy, things happen.  And our plan falls apart. Willpower is no longer enough. And we fall back on old habits.

This year forget those crappy promises you made in the past.  Forget those unrealistic expectations.

Instead, set short term goals that you can reach in small increments.  Make yourself promises that are sustainable. And more than anything, practice being kind to yourself.

Don’t beat yourself up for imperfection. Perfect is boring. Instead, applaud yourself for being real, handling tough times,  and keep it moving.

Changing your mindset is sure to bring you a better 2019!  Gratitude is powerful. Learn to love what you have and not concentrate on things that you don’t.  Read on to learn three ways to enjoy a better year….

Focus on what you will gain, not what you want to lose.

How many diets have you already tried?  Weight Watchers? Jenny Craig? Low carb?  No carb? Military diet? And how many of them worked for you?  For how long? How much weight did you gain back once you stopped?

That’s the problem.

Diets just don’t work in the long run!  Maybe for the short term. But when the program is done, so are your results.

We get wrapped up in dieting because they play on both our lack of self-trust and our need for immediate results.  All these fads have done is strip us of our abilities to trust that we can make positive decisions about food and our bodies. And they’ve literally made us feel worse about ourselves after each failed attempt at lasting results.

It’s time to change your focus!!

Instead of thinking so much about how many pounds you want to lose, start thinking of all that you will gain:  confidence, mental clarity, life-long results, strength, energy, lean muscle, overall better health and wellness.

Slow and steady progress comes with work. But the benefits are real! Imagine the difference you’ll feel to find comfort in your own skin.  To look at other people and not be envious of their results, because you’re living with your own. Your opportunity is here.

No more unused gym memberships

Ever hear “no pain, no gain”?  Well I’m calling bullshit. The idea that you have to feel pain after a workout is absurd.  And the idea that you shouldn’t listen to your body is even more ridiculous. Post workout soreness?  Normal. Discomfort until your body is accustomed to regular exercise? Normal. Pain? Not normal. And it should never be a goal.

How about working out in a way that pushes you, but also makes you stronger without injury? It’s absolutely possible.

No more 90-minute killer workouts.  No more ignoring your body cues. No more forcing yourself to buy a gym membership only to realize you have no idea what to do when you get there, if you get there. No more hours of cardio.  No more feeling badly about yourself because you just “couldn’t do it”.

Got a gym membership? Great! Find someone to help you understand how to use the equipment, how to work your muscles without injury, and how to guide you to reaching your goals. Don’t want to go to a gym?  No problem. At-home workouts are very effective, regardless of your access to equipment. You can absolutely get an intense workout at home, in 20 minutes, using just your body weight! If you want to purchase weights or other equipment, great.  If not, you can still do this!

Our lives can be so busy, but being fit isn’t impossible.  Actually, being healthy and fit is one of the best ways to handle your busy life!

Invest in yourself

I have heard many complaints about how expensive it is to be healthy, to shop for healthy food, to maintain memberships, etc.  And although I agree that healthy food should be much more accessible and affordable, I would still argue that my health is worth the expense.

How many sales have you shopped at?  How many times have you cleaned your home to get rid of clutter?  How many times have you donated items you no longer use to a charity?  How much money have you spent on electronics, pocket books, shoes, sneakers, etc.?  Have any of those things brought you confidence in life? Have any of those things made you find a stronger, more centered version of yourself? Have they provided you with the energy to be an involved parent or effective employee?

Although I love Michael Kors, Michael Jordan, and even Apple, I love myself more.  If push comes to shove, I will always choose me first. Do I need a new bag? New shoes?  A new phone? NO! I need to feel good.  I need to be here for my family.  I need to be able to look at myself and be proud of who I am and how far I’ve come, and not just physically.

So, this year, invest in you.  Choose yourself over everything. If you can’t do it on your own, work with someone who can help.  Find a coach. Work with a trainer. Do whatever you have to do to reclaim your power and own your worth.

Life is too precious and too short to live it feeling badly about yourself.  We will always have stressors. We will always have worries. But we will also always have choices.  Those choices will either bring you in the direction you want to go in, or away from it.

This time choose you.  Choose what makes you feel proud. Choose what brings out the best version of you.

Don’t waste your choice on another gimmick, another fad that will let you down.  This year can be the beginning of a new lifestyle, a new mindset, a new outlook, a fresh start. So, make your decision and run with it!

Here's to your best,


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