Don’t Let Perfection Stop You From Seeing You’re a Good Mom!

If being a mom isn’t the hardest job in the world, I don’t know what is?!

I mean who the hell else has to literally think and make every decision for more than one person, 24 hours a day? It’s exhausting!

And you want to do it right! And you want to make sure you don’t screw them up! And you want them to be healthy! And you want them to be active! And you want them to live in a clean house! And, and, and…… and you’re frickin’ tired! All…the….damn…. time!

All you strong selfless mama’s out there, let’s create space for each other – and see sometimes life (shit) is hard. Sometimes we get it wrong. Sometimes we screw it up. But hell, if we’re not making mistakes in parenting then we’re not learning.

Let me share some of my real-life examples:

You’re still a good mom if you let your kids have ice cream for dinner sometimes, because you don’t have the mental energy or time to cook a great meal.  It happens.

You’re still a good mom if you let your kids go to bed without taking a bath once in a while.  They’ll survive. Sometimes long days turn into long nights and they just need to pass out.  Let them.

You’re still a good mom if you let your kids play on their tablets or watch TV while you enjoy a little quiet time.  We all need a little mental break. And sometimes tablets and TV can provide the best kind of quiet, lol.  No one is talking. No one is fighting. No one is asking for things. Just sit and breathe. A good 15 minutes can be the best reset.

You’re still a good mom if you let your kids stay up late on occasion.  Maybe they want to watch a movie with you. Maybe they just need a cuddle.  Whatever it is, sometimes that bedtime rule just needs a little bending.

You’re still a good mom if you have to hit up the drive-thru on your way to whatever activity they have next. You wanted them to be active, right?  So, cut yourself some slack and get them the happy meal. Relax.

You’re still a good mom if you sometimes speed read or skip pages of their favorite bedtime story because you so desperately want to close your eyes.  Been there, done that. I can’t remember how many times I found myself sound asleep in my daughter’s bed, with her waking me to finish her story.

Motherhood, and life in general, is full of curveballs. You can’t plan for perfection.

You certainly can’t expect it. We do our best. We love our babies fiercely. We want what’s best for them.  We do what we can and expect little in return. We dedicate our time, money, and mental energy into making them good little people.  Most of the time it goes really well. And sometimes, well shit happens. And we improvise.

That’s the nature of the beast. So don’t let perfection stop you from seeing you’re a good mom!


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