Are your sleep habits keeping you from losing weight?  - Evelyn LeVasseur Fitness

Are your sleep habits keeping you from losing weight? 


Are your sleep habits keeping you from losing weight? 

Are your sleep habits keeping you from losing weight? 


Do you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep?  Do you wake up feeling unrested? So many of us do.  What we don’t realize is how much sleep affects our weight loss goals. And the problem may very well have to do with your bedroom habits.  

Let’s evaluate….

First, your body needs consistent sleep in order to recharge.  It especially needs sleep to neutralize cortisol levels (named by many as the “fat-storing” hormone). Lack of sleep contributes to increased cortisol (stress), frustration, poor food choices, and lack of motivation to exercise (just to name a few factors).  If you are trying to change your body/energy/motivation, understand that SLEEP IS ONE OF THE BIGGEST DIAL MOVERS OF ALL YOUR EFFORTS. 

Second, your brain is constantly making associations.  For example, with years of training, your brain has come to understand that sitting at the dining room table means you will be getting fed. Sitting on the couch may mean you will be relaxing and maybe watching some TV. Hearing the sound of brewing means you’re about to enjoy a cup of coffee. So, basically, you teach your body and brain what to expect. 

So…. Next question…. Do you snack in bed or watch TV in your bedroom?  If you answered yes, these could be contributing to your inability to fall asleep or stay asleep.  Your body has associated your bed with the wrong activities (eating and watching TV).  

How do I fix this? 

I know so many people who say “But I can’t fall asleep without the TV on”.  And to that I’d say, if you learned to fall asleep with the TV on, you can unlearn it.  But only if you want to.  No judgment here.  Just a suggestion 😊 

Try making new associations for your brain.  Limit activities in your bed to sleep and sex.  That way, when you get in bed at night, your brain and body are ready for either one or both (lucky you 😊) of those activities.  

Leave the snacking for the kitchen.  Leave the TV in the living room.  And see how that goes.  It won’t happen overnight (no pun intended), but it will help in the long run for sure. 

Wishing you all restful nights and productive days.

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