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Are you sending your children back to school during a pandemic?

It feels like you’re damned if you don’t and you’re damned if you do. Everyone has an opinion, but no one has a solution. Ugh.

Being a parent and having to make this decision right now is horribly difficult. And that is if you even have a choice. Some places have decided to go full-distance learning. In my city, parents have the option to either do half-day in-person school or opt-out for distance learning. So, I have a decision to make. Do I send my child to school in person, where they will be required to wear a mask all day and won’t really be able to socialize? (One of my daughters wants to go, the other doesn’t). Or do I keep them home for distance-learning where they will be physically comfortable, but isolated from their friends? What’s the right answer?

The right answer is that there is no right answer. No one can guarantee a positive outcome one way or another. So, the only thing we can do is choose what is best for our families and ourselves. And we have to be able to do that despite the negative opinions and judgments we see thrown around all over social media and the news. We have no choice but to silence the noise and practice self-trust.

Moms (parents in general) need to come together and show support even if our opinions or choices are different. So, I’m here to tell you that whatever your decision, it’s the right one. If you keep your kids home, you’re doing the right thing. If you send your kids to school, you’re doing the right thing. If you have no idea what to do right now, you’re doing the right thing. If you’re waiting to know more details about your school district’s plan, you’re doing the right thing. No judgment here! I got you. I trust you. I pray for you.

During this time, the best example we can be for our children is one who shows grace. Be patient with yourself. Allow yourself the time you need to make decisions. And trust yourself. You have a gut feeling for a reason. Go with it.

My thoughts are with all of you moms right now and always.

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