About Evelyn LeVasseur –  Nutrition Coach and Personal Trainer based in Waterbury, CT.


Hi! I'm Evelyn LeVasseur! I help busy Moms reach their body goals by elevating their mindset and making sustainable lifelong change.  Together we make sure they never have to diet again!

I am super passionate about living my best life for not only myself, but for my family.  I have two beautiful daughters and a very patient husband.

I've come to realize that consciously or not, my habits will be passed on to my daughters.  And if I truly want them to be happy, confident, healthy adults, I'd better be willing to show them one now.  By living that way myself.

Life is busy and messy.  Making healthy choices isn't always easy, and squeezing in exercise can be crazy difficult too!  Especially now, during this pandemic, that the kids are home with us all day every day. Stress eating and snacking can be problematic. I get it.  But, I've learned great strategies over time to help keep me on track and feeling good.  I've also got a ton of experience making it work!!

For 11 years, I taught Middle School English.  Being a teacher was both rewarding and consuming.  The responsibility could be overwhelming.

During that time (about eight years ago) I began my journey as a Fitness and Nutrition Coach.  I taught English full time and worked part time helping people reach their goals through nutrition and exercise.

Four years ago I resigned from teaching and decided to focus my energies on Personal Fitness and Nutrition Coaching, which I love!!

I've worked with hundreds of people supporting their fitness and nutrition journeys to success!

My coaching and training philosophy focused on feeling good and living my best life.

I use those two core pillars to guide both my professional and personal life.

My process is amazingly simple…

I don't diet.  I don't shame myself. I don't associate food choices with guilt.

  • I do however, make good choices consistently.
  • I do eat tons of fiber, protein, and good fats and starch.
  • I exercise 3-4 times weekly.
  • I prioritize sleep.
  • I enjoy sweets when I want to.
  • I will never let go of coffee.
  • And I drink the hell out of some wine!!!  Yum.

It took me a long time, but through trial and error, I learned that food doesn't have to have control over me.

I can go to parties, celebrations, events, etc and not obsess about what I “should” eat.  I let go of the all or nothing mentality.

I can go out with friends and family and enjoy my night, eat and drink what I want, and not be out of control.  This is a life I love and want to inspire others to create for themselves.

I intend to continue on this path of healthy living because it feels so damned good.

And most importantly, I have the two most important reasons to live my best life:  my daughters. 

Every choice I make teaches them something.

If I exercise, they learn that exercise is not something to be feared or hated.  If they watch me eat  a variety of healthy foods consistently, they learn that fueling your body well is the norm.

If I enjoy cookies or brownies with them, they learn that food can be social, we can enjoy it, and it doesn't have to feel “bad”.

What better motivator than knowing my daughters will forever be shaped by my choices, actions, and reactions?

I have this one life to live, and I intend to live the hell out of it…..on my own terms!!!

About Evelyn LeVasseur

I am and will always be family first.

I am not the person I was five years ago. My entire outlook is barely recognizable. Five years ago I was working a full and part time job, trying to maintain a neat and organized home, and somehow trying to be a good mom and partner to my husband. What I realized is that everyone suffered because I was suffering.

Flash forward to today and I can’t imagine living that way ever again. Through some hard work and lots of self-reflection, I’ve learned that my family benefits most when I am taken care of. Self-care (both mental and physical) have taken a priority in my life. I’ve removed the guilt I used to feel from wanting to take better care of myself. But most importantly, I’ve learned that every step I make teaches my daughters a lesson.

Working a full-time job that I wasn’t happy with taught them that making money is priority and being happy is secondary. Neglecting myself taught them that self-care is selfish, when in fact, it is necessary to live a happy life. Obsessing about the house being clean taught them that taking care of your home takes precedence to connecting with your family. I had to change those lessons.

There is no job more important in my eyes than raising your children to be the best they can be.

And you can’t give them that by trying unsuccessfully to provide everything you think they need. If you want your children to grow up to be happy, then you have to show them how to do that. Take care of yourself. Let them see you work out. Better yet, let them work out with you. If you want them to make good choices with food, let them watch you make those same good choices.

Our children deserve the best chance to have a successful future.

I put every ounce of effort into making sure my children learn good habits from me. First and foremost, I teach them to be kind. Second, I teach them to be strong and confident in who they are. And last I put a large focus on staying healthy and fit as a family. We workout together. We cook together. We make a healthy lifestyle as fun as possible. And it works! My family is active, healthy, and more connected than we ever were before.

What you need to know

  • You can work and take care of your body.
  • You can find time to sneak in very effective, short duration workouts.
  • You can make choices in your nutrition that will leave you both satisfied and healthier.
  • You can become the change you want to see for your children. You can model all the things you want them to learn, to become.
  • You can make fitness fun and get the whole family involved. It is possible to have it all and not be overwhelmed.
  • You just need the right tools, some sound advice, and the right frame of mind.

Are you considering hiring a personal coach or trainer?

I am passionate and confident in my abilities to help you reach your body and mind set goals, regardless of your current situation. I can help you change your body, fast. And I can make sure your changes are sustainable without the deprivation and mental drainage that comes with dieting. Every family, every individual is unique. I can help you find what works for you.

Don't hesistate to contact me for a discovery call to see if we are a right fit to work together. Please send me an email by using the form below.