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I'm Evelyn LeVasseur! Mommy to two amazing daughters and wife to a very patient husband. I help busy Moms reach their body goals without dieting or deprivation. And together we create legacies of generational health.

We all know that children are sponges, but now more than ever they are spending an unprecedented amount of time watching our every move. And the truth is, during this pandemic, the behaviors they are watching are not exactly healthy. We’re home together all day long.  We’re stressed. Eating more junk food.  Being less active. Staying up late. And are completely off schedule. 

Because of the added stress, I know making healthy choices doesn’t feel easy, and squeezing in exercise can be difficult too! Now is the time to take a good look at our habits and decide how we want to proceed.  It’s up to us to create a new normal. 

I've come to realize that consciously or not, my habits will be passed on to my daughters.  And if I truly want them to be happy, confident, healthy adults, I'd better be willing to show them one now.  By living that way myself.


If you’re anything like me

  • You grew up in a home where not finishing the food on your plate was considered disrespectful.  You ate a full serving, whether you were hungry or not. That was the very beginning of me learning to ignore my hunger and fullness cues!  
  • You got a hug, a kiss, a Band-Aid, and an ice pop when you got hurt playing outside as a kid.  Or you got a lollipop when you got your shots at the doctor’s office (even though the kids get stickers now). Of course, I felt better, but I also learned that sweets provide comfort.  That was the beginning of my emotional eating. 


Because I was super active as a kid right up until college, I didn’t immediately see the effects of my patterns. Enter adulthood and the responsibilities and limited movement that came with it, and the weight gain began.  And stress. And shame. And dieting. And more weight gain. That cycle continued to dominate my life for almost 19 years!  


my why

Eventually, I had to make the decision to stop the madness!  I had to take control of my negative thoughts and habits because I was losing myself, along with all the great things that made me who I was. 

Most importantly, I understood that I had two major reasons to live a better life:  my daughters. 


And realizing that helped me take an entirely different path. I started by throwing all the rules out the window.  I had to dabble in learning to trust myself again.  No diet plan.  No counting carbs.  No deprivation.  None of it! Then I was able to start breaking down some of the habits I had learned. I let myself feel hunger, to make sure I’d recognize it. When I had cravings or felt negative after eating, I dug into why.  I unpacked a lot of things I hadn’t been dealing with in the past.  I figured out slowly what foods worked to keep me satisfied and that I actually enjoyed eating.  And I learned how to enjoy sweets without guilt or feeling the need to punish myself with exercise.  

Instead of just food and exercise (the exterior), my coaching and training philosophy now focuses on the whole person:  Mindset, Intuition, and The Five Pillars of Health. 

I use these core principles to guide both my professional and personal life.

When I stripped back all of the rules and guidelines I had been following, my choices became so simple… and now my clients learn the same.


I don't diet. I don't shame myself. I don't associate food choices with guilt. I don’t listen to other people about what’s best for me.

  • I do, however, make decisions based on my own personal needs (no diet rules).
  • I do eat tons of fiber, protein, and good fats and starch.
  • I exercise 4-5 times weekly and walk daily (what a stress relief). 
  • I prioritize sleep and take steps to control my stress. 
  • I enjoy sweets when I want to.
  • I will never let go of coffee.
  • And I drink the hell out of some wine!!!  Yum.







It took me a long time, but through trial and error, I learned that food doesn't have to have control over me. And that my appearance has nothing to do with my character or my value. I can go to parties, celebrations, events, etc. and not obsess about what I "should" eat. I let go of the all or nothing mentality. I can go out with friends and family and enjoy my night, eat and drink what I want, and not be out of control. This is a life I love and want to inspire others to create for themselves.

I intend to continue on this path of healthy living because it feels so damned good.

And I know that every choice I make teaches my daughters something. If I exercise regularly, they learn that movement is a part of life. Not something to be feared or hated. If they watch me eat a variety of healthy foods consistently, they learn that fueling your body is the norm. If I enjoy cookies or brownies with them, they learn that food can be social, enjoyable, and doesn't have to feel "bad". What better motivator than knowing my daughters will forever be shaped by my choices, actions, and reactions? I have this one life to live, and I intend to live the hell out of it.....on my own terms!!!





I am and will always be about family first.






I am not the person I was five years ago. My entire outlook is barely recognizable. Five years ago I was working a full and part time job (teacher and nutrition coach/personal trainer), trying to maintain a neat and organized home, and somehow trying to be a good mom and partner to my husband. What I realized is that everyone suffered because I was suffering. Flash forward to today and I can’t imagine living that way ever again. Through hard work and lots of self-reflection, I’ve learned that my family benefits most when I am taken care of. Self-care (both mental and physical) have taken a priority in my life.

There is no job more important in my eyes than raising your children to be the best they can be.

And if you want your children to grow up to be happy, then you have to show them how to do that. Take care of yourself. Let them see you be silly. Let them learn what it means to be fully present. Have them cook with you.  Go for walks together.  We have the greatest opportunity to show them what life is truly about… And I promise you that it’s not found in dieting.  

What you need to know

  • You can feel good in your skin without the stress of deprivation and restriction.
  • Movement doesn’t have to be strenuous. 
  • You can eat in a way that will leave you both satisfied and healthier.
  • You can be the change you want to see for your children. 
  • You can feel all of the things you’ve always wanted to feel, without putting the focus on your appearance. 
  • You just need the right tools, some sound advice, and the right frame of mind.
  • Most importantly, You are already enough…. 

Are you considering hiring a personal coach or trainer?

I am passionate and confident in my abilities to help you reach your goals, regardless of your current situation. And we will make sure your changes are sustainable, without the deprivation and mental drainage that comes with dieting. Every family, every individual is unique. I can help you find what works for you.

What Our Wonderful Clients Say About Us

I had been working out with Evelyn since January 2019. I love that Evelyn modified according to my abilities and limitations, so I never feel overwhelmed or unsure. It really is the best start to my weekend. I leave her class full of energy.


I’ve been following your tips and learning not to feel guilty if I eat a cupcake or brownie. I’m retraining my way of thinking; not to beat myself up for having sweets (everything in moderation) when I’m allowed to enjoy life!! And I’m down 15 pounds since January!!


Evelyn has a gift of creating a well designed program that meets the needs of the busy mom lifestyle. She knows the importance of family, being active and setting an example for our children. I have learned how to balance working, exercise, and self-care.