When is the Best Time to Exercise?

It can be difficult to find the right answers for your exercise questions.  There is an abundance of information online and on social media.  For every topic you search, you will find tons of conflicting material.  There is no shortage of expert opinion, but you are the only expert of your body.  So, to answer your questions, you will have to take the information you find and use it as a guide for what works for you specifically.

Early workouts

Some would argue that an early morning workout is:

  • Best for creating long lasting energy throughout the day.
  • Revving up your metabolism nice and early.
  • Starting your day knowing you did something great for yourself!
  • Being more attentive to others later, because you took care of yourself first.

This can absolutely be true for someone who sleeps well at night and can wake up ready for a workout.  But what if you’re someone who has a new baby at home, or a toddler that still wakes up at night?  Can you get up and workout after having a difficult night? I guess it’s possible, but would it be a good workout?  Can you put all your energy into a workout if your body is barely functioning?  Probably not.  So, for you, working out later in the day is best.

Late workouts

Some would argue that late day workouts are better for:

  • Improving quality of sleep, although it can take a little longer to fall asleep.
  • Having more effective high intensity and weight training workouts because muscles are relaxed from a day of movement.
  • Avoiding crowds at the gym
  • Relieving stress from a long day

Again, this is absolutely true for someone who can’t, or just doesn’t want to, get up early to exercise.  If morning workouts aren’t your thing, don’t try and force them to be.  You need sleep!!  Sleep is just as important as exercise, if not more important.

Bottom line

Consistency is more important than the time of day that you choose to workout.  Keeping yourself in a routine not only builds confidence, but also improves motivation.

Practice consistently, until your “routine” becomes a habit.

So, what’s the answer to the question ‘what time of day is best to work out?’

Whatever time is best for you!

If your muscles are too tight or you’re just too tired in the morning, then that’s just not for you. To get the most effective use of your time and energy, you have to be ready for your workout.  Tight muscles and an overtired body could not only give you a poor workout, but also an injury.

If working out late makes it hard for you to fall asleep, then guess what, that’s not your best choice either.  Your workout should help you sleep better, not take away from it.  However, if you don’t mind going to bed a little later and can still get a sound sleep, then go for it!

Regardless of what time you choose to workout, the most important thing is that you actually choose to workout.  Your body will thank you.  Be rested, be ready, be focused, be intentional.  Make it count.  And stop worrying about what someone else does for their body.  Think about yours.  Think about what makes you feel best, and run with that (pun intended 😊).


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