15 Family Activities to Keep Kids Active

Being a mother is hard. You’re pulled in a million directions and question your decisions every step of the way.  Am I making the right choices? Is this what is best for my family? Am I doing enough?

I take my responsibility of being a mom (to two amazing girls) very seriously.  I believe without a doubt that it is my job to raise them to be kind, motivated, accepting, self-loving, and healthy (in mind, body, and soul).

One of the things I focus on is being healthy as a family.  My husband and I are both active and have found great ways of teaching our girls that being healthy and fit can really be fun. And being active together keeps our family close.  Getting them to make good choices for their minds and bodies is a pretty big win for me in this mom game!

If you’re looking to get moving with your children, here is a list of 15 activities you can do to be active as a family:

Go for a walk – My family enjoys walking around the neighborhood, especially after dinner when the temperature has cooled down.  We chat about nothing and my girls stop and pick up “pretty rocks” about every five feet, lol.

Try a new sport or activity –  play basketball, soccer, or throw a frisbee – Trying new activities or sports helps get the kids comfortable with learning.  And it puts us adults a little out of our comfort zones, but isn’t that the point of something new?  Basketball? I’m terrible, but I play and suck at it all in the name of family😊

Scavenger hunt outside – find rocks, whole leaves, sticks, acorns (to be used for crafts) – Scavenger hunts are fun for all of us.  A little friendly competition goes a long way.

Go for a family bike ride – This could be fun and relaxing, but we tend to be a little competitive, so bring it on!

Kick a soccer ball around outside – I never really understood the amount of work it took to keep a soccer ball in front of you until my sneaky six-year old tried to get it away from me.

Go apple picking (and then maybe make pie?) – We do this at least once or twice every fall.  The girls love it, we connect as a family, get great pictures, and then enjoy the hell out of some apple cider donuts!!

Have a race – Did I mention we are a little competitive?

30 minutes at the park – Chasing my kids around at the park????  We all get a good workout in that way!

Picnic at the park – We let our girls help pack a healthy lunch (deli meat with cheese roll ups, cucumbers, watermelon).  We all need a good meal after running around.

Visit a corn maze – Our first corn maze adventure was last year.  Such a fun time! A little patience, a little brain power (to follow the clues), and some team work got us out of the maze in one piece😉

Play hide and seek at night, with flashlights (this is a family fave in my house) – Hide and seek is fun for any kid.  Throw in some flashlights and a dark sky?  It’s like hide and seek on steroids. Ha!

Go pumpkin picking – Another family favorite.  Pumpkin picking always turns into a full afternoon of fun.  Search and find the perfect pumpkin. Everyone carries their own.  So if my girls choose a super huge one, the walk back to the car is tough (lol).  We go home and paint them. And once it’s closer to Halloween, we carve and decorate them.  Win/win.

Visit a museum – Here in CT we have some great options for the kids.  Hands on and interactive museums are their favorite. They can do anything from participating in science projects to making crafts to blowing life size bubbles!  Never a dull moment.

Watch a show together, do jumping jacks during commercials – Three minutes of jumping jacks???  Holy cow! So tough….but did I mention we are a little competitive?

Challenge each other –  the first to complete each task gets a prize…

50 jumping jacks, 20 squats, 10 push-ups, 40 butt kicks – Um, competition anyone??

Evelyn LeVasseur

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