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It's time to DITCH THE DIET

Stop wasting time moving from one diet trend to the next, if you're a busy mom looking for long-lasting results and habits your kids can adopt, I'm here to help.



My name is Evelyn LeVasseur

I'm a Transformational Speaker, Certified Nutrition Coach, Personal Trainer, Mom, Wife, and Champion Supporter to all women who are looking for a change!


A huge part of your journey is unlearning a lot of the lessons that brought you to where you are today. Habit change and true lasting health are inside jobs.


Our bodies will tell us exactly what they want and need, we just have to learn to listen. Dieting and following rules/guidelines have disconnected you from your very own instincts.


Real body change doesn't just happen as a result of food and exercise alone. Together, we focus on the Five Pillars of Health: sleep, stress, water, nutrition and exercise.

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Mama, ditch the diet

Evelyn Fit's online course, “Mama, Ditch the Diet,” is an 8-week group coaching program designed for busy moms looking to gain control of their health, release guilt, and create a foundation of healthy practices for their families.

Green fruit smoothie

Learn how to make a delicious green fruit smoothie that is kid approved. Grab your freebie here and check out more yummy recipes on the blog.


Knowing the best exercises to do based on your goals will make the journey so much more enjoyable and effective. One size fits all is never really meant to fit all…. 

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