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I don’t diet.  I don’t shame myself. I don’t associate food choices with guilt. I do however…

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What I Offer

Personal Training

Reach your goals in a way that is effective, efficient, and safe. You will be guided through fully individualized and customized workouts, stretches, and tips for fast and sustainable results:  all while working in a way that prevents injury. Increase lean muscle, reduce inches, and gain confidence and strength.

Group Classes

Get fit together!  Workout with a partner, or two?!?!  The more cost-effective option for training and maybe the most fun!  Modifications and progressions are still individual, but you get the benefit of motivating each other.  Celebrate your gains. Crush your goals in a friendly and safe environment!

Fit Mom Coaching

I can help busy moms get back on track with programs and coaching. Learn mindset shifts, eating and exercise habits for families and more. My program will help you overcome all the major mom challenges and get you back on track to live your best life. Click below to learn more.

What my clients are saying

  • I have been working with Evelyn for a few years now. She has changed my way of thinking regarding nutrition and fitness. I have come a long way with my food choices and I am stronger than I have been in a long time. Her program works for me more than any other program I have tried before. She is encouraging and at the same time, pushes you to go beyond what you think you can do.

  • Evelyn is very knowledgeable and can modify any workout to suit your level as well as your ailments. She pushes you to what she knows you can handle and makes sure you are working to your optimum fat burning level. She always has a positive outlook and makes you see the good in you, even on your roughest day. She makes working out fun!

    Lisa Marie
  • I love Evelyn’s program. I’ve never seen progress so fast and I have never been able to maintain like now. Working out doesn’t seem like a chore now. Seeing the results so fast makes me happy. During workouts we chat about the right foods for my body, different recipes, and share any new products we are trying. The best part is I get to workout with others and it makes it easier to push ourselves!


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