Mindset & Moderation Coach

Move beyond the frustration of diet & exercise plans that makes you feel like a failure.

I help moms who struggle with constantly starting a new diet on Monday, feel confident in their bodies without restricting the foods that they love.


wellness and identity Coach

Transform Your health Without Deprivation

I help moms who are ready to transform their health, embody joy and own every room they walk in.

Together, we:

  • Identify the root of your health and body issues

  • Improve in 3 major areas:

Relationships, Wellness, Legacy.

  • Unleash your Power

Let's be honest

You want to feel confident in your body, but....


You’ve tried every diet out there. You have some short-term success, but the restriction causes you to ”fall off track” and you gain back the weight you lost. You're left feeling shameful and wondering why you don't have "self-control" or "discipline".


Hiding in sweatpants and oversized t-shirts or hoodies has been your go-to because you hate the way you look in clothes. You would much rather hide your body (and your deepest feelings) than let anyone judge you.


Cakes, cookies, and treats are not allowed in your house because you are terrified that you will eat them morning, noon and night. You say, "I can't have those here, that's all I'll eat".

Worrying for your children

You want your children to be healthy so they can feel confident, self-accepting and self-loving, but you struggle to feel that way yourself.

Wellness & identity Coach, Speaker, Trainer

Hi, I'm Evelyn LeVasseur

I know what it feels like to be uncomfortable in your own body. I lived most of my life wishing I could be thinner because I really believed I’d feel happier and more confident once I finally lost weight.

I felt guilt and shame when I wasn’t eating “good”.

I hid in sweatpants and oversized tops. I’d deprive myself all week so I could go “all-out” on the weekends.

I wasn’t the wife and mother I wanted to be.

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You do so much for others, it's time to take care of you.

Create Lifelong Wellness

No rules, no strict plans, no restrictions. No following someone else’s food rules. You will learn to eat your favorite foods in a way that keeps your body healthy.

Improve Your Relationships

Every relationship in your life is impacted by your relationship with yourself. You will learn how to reconnect with your intuition, how to set boundaries that benefit you, and how to live on your terms.

Leave A Powerful Legacy

We can't just wish for a life of comfort and confidence for our children. We need to show them how to live it! You will learn to live a life in which you are finally prioritized, so that your children will choose the same for themselves.

Work with me

Let The Transformation Begin

1:1 coaching experience

Girl, Mind Your Business


A 12-week container that shifts your mindset, builds an intuitive relationship with your overall wellness, establishes food freedom, and propels you toward your healthiest life: one rooted in self-acceptance and creates a solid foundation for generations to come.

Self-Paced program

Mama Ditch The Diet


A self-paced video course that addresses mindset shifts, connecting with your intuition, and incorporating the 5 Principles Of Health (sleep, stress, water, nutrition, exercise) to propel you toward your goals.


Fitness Redefined


A 12-week intimate group transformation program that shifts your mindset, establishes healthy relationships with food, propels you toward your goals, and drives your focus to wellness, relationships, legacy, and connection with a community of women just like you.

"Through our sessions, I have gain deep clarity about the narratives, habits and beliefs that were fueling a dysfunctional relationship with my body"

I have truly gained the freedom that comes with trusting myself.



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